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EAU baby! sensory knotlace


The hand-woven knotlace has been developed into a sensory stimulating object for your little ones.
The sensory knotlace will support the development of fine-motor skills, and allow babies to make new connections with the world around them.

Made from eco-friendly yarn and handpainted beads, my new design is multi-functional and versatile.
Wear the sensory knotlace as a necklace to occupy your little one whilst you carry them.
Use it to decorate the nursery walls or suspend it as a mobile. The black and white patterned, painted beads will be visually stimulating for your baby.
The sensory knotlace may also be wrapped around the handles of a buggy or pram, suspened in a car or woven through a cot. As the beads are painted with baby-safe toy paints and varnish, and the wooden rings are baby-safe teething rings it is ok to be explored with the mouth.
The sensory knotlace must never be left tied anywhere unsupervised and must be used with adult supervision at all times.

The sensory knotlace is approx 1.5 meters long and comes with securely attached baby-safe painted beads and teething rings.

Plese contact me for more information.